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My name is Dean Walters, and my company is LIVING BOLDLY.  Our goals are to provide wellness solutions: physical, environmental and financial.

We represent only products by the Shaklee Corporation - the number one natural nutrition company in the US!   By choosing Shaklee products, you have taken the first step toward better health for you and your family, a cleaner environment for us all, and a potential source of additional income that could be the answer you've been looking for!

We have special programs for your health including:

- personalized health coaching with a board certified holistic health practitioner


We also have information and products for all your needs:

Products created by nature and perfected by science, and backed with our complete 100% satisfaction guarantee. So get the benefits of a healthier life -- get the Shaklee difference.

You can find us on Facebook, or email me.

Thanks for choosing LIVING BOLDLY - we're changing lives, one family at a time.


Here's to your good health!