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LIVING BOLDLY!: improving lives - one family at a time! 305-745-9193(w) 305-849-1474 (c)
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As a Certified Health Coach and a Certified Specialist in Senior Fitness, I've developed a program called Aging BOLDLY.  It is dedicated to those of us over 50, who don't want to feel like we're over 50!  Let's face it, we all will get older, but we don't want to "get old."

Aging BOLDLY is a way of life - a way to not only add years to your life, but most definitely add life to those years!  It's a plan of nutrition, healthy eating, exercise, flexibility, and fun.  It's a way to take control of our health and the quality of our life as we travel through the years.

I work with you privately at my home gym, at your home, or at Bodyzone Fitness Center in Key West.  For more information, visit my Personal Training Site, or contact me on my cell at 305-849-1474, on Facebook or email.

If you'd like some personal lifestyle change recommendations, take our 5-minute questionnaire. We can then talk about your recommendations.

Getting older is inevitable, but feeling older is optional! 

So it's time to start Aging BOLDLY!