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   My health journey has definitely been an interesting one. 




After being put on prednisone for chronic asthma for 20 years, I was affected by every side effect you could get:

And, because of the weakening caused by the prednisone, I ruptured all the tendons in both knees and basically had to have my legs reattached at the knees.

With a great surgeon, some tenacity, and a full complement of Shaklee supplements 

During my recovery, I went back to school and received my national certification as a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and my personal training certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association as a:

So with that and Shaklee, life is good!

And at 66, I’m feeling better than I have in over 20 years!

Life happens to all of us, so be prepared.  Make your body as strong as it can be, for you never know . . . .

 Call me at 305-849-1474 or email me, and let's start making your health plan!