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What is the most important thing for a long,

exciting, vibrant performing career?

Talent?  Yes . . . Training?  Yes . . . Desire?  Yes . . . Health?  Absolutely!

      You must stay healthy:

The Program

            The Stage Health program works with you to develop a complete health approach to suit your individual needs.  In addition to food and nutritional needs, we will work on additional aspects of your life that can affect your overall health and well being - relationships, lifestyle, spirituality, family, career, finances and personal development.

            In addition to private coaching sessions (which can be in person, on the phone or through Zoom), we offer recipes, handouts, a newsletter, giveaways, samples and opportunities to share information with others in group sessions for those who would like them.

The Products

            Our first priority is helping you learn about making healthy choices when it comes to diet and nutrition.  This can be extremely challenging the more you travel, and the more your schedule changes, so you will learn about the better choices to make and why it is sometimes difficult to make them.  For those who need extra help in filling in the nutritional gaps, we recommend specific supplementation products. 

            Because we are totally dedicated to only positive results, we only recommend products by the Shaklee Corporation since they are the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S., and have a 60+year history of excellence and scientific validation.

            In addition, we now have over 100 Olympic athletes on the Shaklee Pure Performance Team with over 140 medals won.  Since Olympic athletes can be tested 24/7/365 for any types of illegal or banned substances, they are the most cautious 'performers' when it comes to anything they put in their bodies.  We believe that if they have the confidence to trust the purity and efficacy of Shaklee products, then so do we.

The Benefits         

          When you complete the Stage Health program, you will have a complete action plan for improved, long-term health; an understanding of your unique nutritional needs with a plan of how to meet them; coping mechanisms to handle the stresses of a performing career, and an overall improvement in your knowledge of your own health and well being.

A Special Bonus

            Keeping a 'day job' to cover your expenses while maintaining your focus and energy for auditions and performances can be an enormous stressor.

            So for those who are interested, we also have an exciting opportunity that can be pursued part-time and give you the extra income and flexibility you need at the early part of your career.  We will be happy to share this with anyone who feels it might be beneficial to them.

 Take Action - What's the next step? 

           To learn more about how Stage Health can help you, please call, text or e-me, and we'll set up a free consultation to discuss your individual situation. Let's see if Stage Health could be a fit for you. 

           Contact me at 305-849-1474 or email me to learn more about how Stage Health help you.  I look forward to hearing from you!